Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Items

Lot's of new items have just arrived. Check these out:
Palms of Steel 5 by Curtis Kam - Join Curtis as he rides the tide of bold new magic that shows no mercy and takes no prisoners. Coins Through the Table, Flurry, Hanging Coins, Copper/Silver Transpo, and Coins Across!

Royal Command
- Nick Langham's Royal Command Is an easy to perform card rise that's like no other.

Scorched by Nopera Whitley
- A revelation that will literally FRY them!"
A selected card is scorched into another playing card.

Pool Ball Miracle
- Pool Ball Miracles is more than just a DVD; it's a complete set that will enable you to perform miracles with a simple pool ball. Everything you need has been included.

Real Secrets Of David Stone
- This DVD is so much more than a lecture, it's a master class of entertainment and showmanship, mixing the art of close up with a twisted, fun mind. An act full of energy. An act full of energy delivered with 10 of David's Strongest effects taught right here.