Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calculator Magic Made Easy

Our good friend and fellow IBM Ring member John Carrington has just released his new book Calculator Magic Made Easy. John spent six years on this project. We are pleased to be the first shop to carry this item. We wish John great success. The book features:

Over 80 Tricks

Easy to Read Instructions

"Amaze your family and fool your friends!"
"Excite students about reading and mathematics"

"Professional Magicians can now add a calculator to their bag of tricks!"

This book builds a joy for learning and numbers. Whether you are beginning or advanced, "Calculator Magic Made Easy" will make you look like a genius!

The author is John T Carrington is a full-time performer with 35 years of experience. John hosts a radio show and a television programs. However, he still finds time to teach magic!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moments by Troy Hooser

Moments is a brand new collection of over thirty routines and sleights from heralded creator and performer Troy Hooser. A decade after the enormous success of Hooser's first collection, Destroyers, author Joshua Jay returns to document a wonderful new development in Troy's style and output.

If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Hooser's work, his visual, whimsical style will delight you. If you are familiar with Mr. Hooser's work, Moments will still come as a startling surprise. Whereas his earlier material was all performed standing, much of this material is performed in the classical style, seated. Whereas much of his earlier material was short, this book includes five "acts", each one comprised of several routines or tricks sequenced together for thematic purposes.