Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Barry's Magic Shop

We are sad to see our friend Barry Taylor close his shop in Rockville Maryland after 39 years in business. I first visited Barry's shop 30 years ago when I was just starting in magic. Barry is a very knowledgeable dealer and a terrific performer. Barry will continue to perform and you can view his website at We hate to see any brick & mortar shop close. So many of us got our start hanging out in shops. The good news is that we have purchased all of Barry's remaianing inventory. It will probably take a year for us to sort our 39 years worth of magic. Barry had tons of stuff and many of the items have long been out of production. Over the next several months bee sure to check out our "sale" section has we will be adding these items to our website a little at a time. We wish nothing but the best for Barry and has wife as they concentrate on performing.